For Users

Info for Users:

Sure. Earning automatically means that the Weeiam app will be able to collect points automatically, without you having to open the app, take photos or anything else.
When we created Weeiam, we wanted to create something that wouldn’t take your time.

Everywhere. Online and offline. In social networks, on sites, in apps, in video games, in advertisements, in shops, on the products and services you buy, in supermarkets, in restaurants, in the company where you work.

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There are three types of badges:
red that will earn you 2 to 7 points
orange will earn you 8 to 14 points
light blue that will earn you 15 to 1000 points

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The number you find on the badge is equal to the percentage of annual turnover, which the Business shares with customers like you and is equal to the points you collect every time you interact with them.

If a business has a light blue badge with the wording 1.5, it means that it shares 1.5% of its annual turnover with all its customers and allows its users to earn 15 points automatically, every time they encounter the badge online and offline.

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For Business

Info for Business:

You will have to insert them next to your logo, at the entrance to your physical locations, in your social profiles, on your websites, on your products, in your apps.
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The Weeiam badge is sold as online advertising and for this reason it allows you to access all tax incentives related to online advertising.
In various countries around the world, businesses have the opportunity to deduct 100% of the investment made to purchase a Weeiam badge.
Weeiam not dealing with taxation strongly advises each business to inquire with its own tax advisor.
We would like to inform businesses because in many cases the real cost of the investment is considerably lower than the apparent figure.

Weeiam does not do tax advice so each business must consult with its tax advisor.

Whenever they interact with your Online and Offline Business, Weeiam will know this and will assign the score based on the badge you have purchased.
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Of course, it means that the Weeiam app will be able to collect points automatically, without your customers having to open the app, take pictures or anything else.

There are three types of badges:
red if you share between 0.2% and 0.7% of the turnover
orange if you share between 0.8% and 1.4% of the turnover
blue if you share more than 1.5% of the turnover

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Weeiam will provide an API to interface with management systems and checkout counters of shops, supermarkets and all businesses that sell products in physical locations.

In this way the collection of the badges will be automated for the user.

ES. When a customer is shopping at the supermarket, they will arrive at the checkout and have two options:

  • Pay with WeeiamPay and it will collect all the badges automatically without having to do any further action
  • Pay with credit card or cash and scan the QRCode on the receipt in order to collect all the points with a single action.

As soon as the main social networks thank their users for existing, the Weeiam badge will be present and visible in your posts, stories, videos and next to your name. Whenever your customers and followers interact with you, follow your social profile, watch your stories, videos and posts, they will automatically earn money.

Weeiam will provide you with a simple API, which will place the badge in the upper left corner on your site, in your advertisements, in your e-commerce and in any other digital space you own, clearly visible to your users.
In this way, your customer will immediately understand which are the businesses that “Thank them for Existing!”.

The Weeiam badges have a duration of 365 days.

The badge is paid in a single trance.

The accepted payment methods are bank transfer and credit card.

Weeiam will provide you with two types of badges:

– a digital one (via API) that will be present in all your digital spaces
– physical badge that will be present at the entrance to all your physical spaces

You will have the possibility to insert the badge in the packaging of all your products.

Once the badge has been purchased, businesses will not be able to change it during the year.
From the next renewal they will have the possibility to change it and buy one of a different value.

After purchasing the badge, Weeiam divides the economic value of your badge by 365 days.

Every day your customers will earn based on their daily score.

The distribution system is meritocratic and will reward those who support your business the most.

If you are an executive, manager, entrepreneur or shareholder of a company and you want to buy a Weeiam badge linked to your person, you can do it.

For your business, purchase a separate badge.

A company with 3 partners and the administrator will have to buy 5 badges if it wants to show love towards its customers:

n.1 for the company
n.3 for individual shareholders
n.1 for administrator

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