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Being among the first businesses in the world to register with Weeiam will increase your brand value and income, thanks to Weeiam’s referral program.

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Being among the first businesses in the world to register with Weeiam will increase the value of your brand and your financial income could increase thanks to the Weeiam referral program.

Weeiam Business List


Your name and logo will appear on the Weeiam Business List.


This is the list of people you invite to register with Weeiam and who could significantly increase your income. The more people you invite, the more your revenue and the value of your brand will increase.


It is the percentage you decide to share with your customers, followers.
The higher it is, the more your users will be pleased to support your business.


These are the days from Weeiam’s public launch to your subscription. This is the most important parameter on the Weeiam Business list, because it will show your customers how much you really care. The sooner you sign up, the greater the chance to generate profit.

The "Weeiam Business List" will be visible after the public launch of the app.

Register now to avoid being in the last positions.


Because it measures the love that businesses have towards their customers and those who support them every day.

We believe so. Your customers may be more likely to purchase from your business if you hold them accountable for your success.

Your followers or fans could follow you more easily if you thank them for existing.

In addition, the Business Referral can actually make you earn more money annually than you spend to buy the badge.

Simply sign up as soon as possible and invite your customers, fans and followers to sign up.

Would you like your customers, fans or followers to see you among the latest businesses that love their customers?

Do you think your customers would appreciate not feeling responsible for your success?

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