If you’re looking for a way to automatically earn some extra during your time online, you could use the Weeiam app. This app uses artificial intelligence technology to monitor your online activities and recognize your Google searches, and automatically rewards you with WeeWolf cryptocurrency, while still maintaining your privacy guaranteed thanks to its encrypted system.

The process is very simple: once you’ve downloaded the app, you can continue browsing online as you normally would and the Weeiam app will work in the background, recognizing your activities and accumulating WeeWolf for you. So while you search on the Google platform or any other, Weeiam works for you, guaranteeing you earnings automatically and easily.

The value of the WeeWolf cryptocurrency depends on the partnerships Weeiam closes with companies, and Weeiam’s app allows you to accumulate this digital currency without having to make any kind of investment. All you have to do is use Google as you normally would, and the app will take care of the rest.

Considering that most users spend 2 to 3 hours online every day, Weeiam’s app is a smart way to value your time online and accumulate a cryptocurrency that could increase in value day by day.

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