Have you ever wanted to earn crypto effortlessly while using Twitter? With Weeiam’s innovative app, you can! Everything happens automatically without having to take any further action! Our app uses artificial intelligence to recognize your activities on the platform, app and site and rewards you with our own cryptocurrency, WeeWolf.

Our economic model, called “Live & Earn”, values ​​the individual and his actions, helping him to increase his daily income without compromising his privacy thanks to our cryptographic system. To give value to the WeeWolf crypto, Weeiam will enter into partnerships with companies that want to sell products and services in our marketplace and that want to enhance their customers like you by deciding to share a part of the turnover with them every time they interact with online and offline companies.

The profit that Weeiam will obtain from these partnerships will be mostly used as the countervalue of WeeWolf, our cryptocurrency, and only a small part will be the fee that Weeiam retains. With WeeWolf, you can choose to save money, exchange them through an exchange, buy products from partner companies or convert them into your favorite currency.

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