Thanks to the Weeiam app, Reddit users can earn the WeeWolf crypto automatically.
The Weeiam app independently and in the background counts the time the user spends using the Reddit app, site and platform and rewards them with the WeeWolf crypto.

Weeiam’s algorithm allows thanks to its AI to remunerate the user without the latter doing anything more than what he is doing.
In this way the user, not wasting time, enhances his activities as never before.

Furthermore, the Weeiam app is completely free for users, does not ask for a credit card, does not show advertising, does not sell user data and does not ask for a credit card.
To ensure total transparency, the user can access the Weeiam blockchain at any time to check transactions.

Once the WeeWolf have been earned, the user can choose to:

– save them and accumulate them
– convert them into your preferred currency
– use them to purchase discounted products and services from our partner companies
– exchange them with friends (later)
– use them to directly purchase products and services from our partner companies (at a later time)

We remind users that they will be able to earn the WeeWolf crypto not only by using the Reddit app, site and platform, but also from any other app they have installed on their phone and from any other site and platform they navigate to.

Weeiam’s goal is to give value to people, their time and their actions by automatically increasing their daily income.

Lastly, Weeiam will not only pay the user based on the apps he uses, the platforms and the sites he surfs but also on hundreds of other actions that the user performs on a daily basis.

Briefly, I will list just some of the actions that will later allow users to earn the WeeWolf crypto automatically and without further effort, thanks to the Weeiam app:

– use devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, earphones, smartwatches…etc
– eat
– drinking
– watching TV
– watch movies and videos
– play video games
– shopping
– walk
– run
– ride a bike
– eat
– go to clubs, bars and restaurants
– light
– play sports
– ride a bike
– use the scooter
– drive cars and motorcycles
– use public transport, buses, planes, trains, subways, rental vehicles
– relax and meditate
– listen to music
– socialize
– chat call and video call
– work
– to listen to the radio
– sleep
– cooked
– take the dog for a walk


Now you’re all wondering: “What is WeeWolf’s value related to?”. I’ll explain it to you below.

WeeWolf’s value is based in two ways:
– Affiliate Partners
Weeiam earns commissions from the sale of products within the app, from partner companies.
– Gold Partners
Weeiam earns from companies and VIPs who, by deciding to value their customers/followers, share a part of the turnover with them.

From both cases, most of the revenue will go as WeeWolf’s counter value, while a small percentage will be the fee that will keep Weeiam.