By signing up for Weeiam as a Business and purchasing a Weeiam badge, you are thanking your customers and employees for existing and telling them that they are responsible for your success!

Based on the percentage of turnover you share with Weeiam, you will be granted a Weeiam logo that you can use:

– next to your logo

– at the entrance of all your offices, shopping centers, shops,

– on your company’s website or app

– in your social networks

– in your advertisements

– in your events

– in the products or services you sell

Every time your customers enter your stores, malls, locations, visit your social networks, sites and apps, buy your goods or services, watch your advertisements, participate in your events they will earn WeeWolf!

Even your employees or collaborators can earn WeeWolf working in your company if it is registered with Weeiam!


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