Monetize your daily
actions automatically

Weeiam’s app seamlessly rewards
your daily actions with money.

Only name and mail required.

Where does the
money come from?

Would not exist without you.

Your daily actions fuel their success and for this reason the time has come to earn a portion of their earnings.

Why do people
love Weeiam?

Why do people love Weeiam?

Because it increases their daily income effortlessly like no other app in the world.

1. Sign in

Register with your name and email only.

2. Forget it

Forget the app, it works silently in the background, ensuring maximum privacy and transparency.

3. Follow the badges

The only thing you need to do to is to interact online and offline with companies that have Weeiam badges.
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4. Origin of the money

Companies and VIPs who have Weeiam badges share a part of their turnover with you.
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5. Earn from actions

Whenever you interact with companies and VIPs who have the Weeiam badge, the app will automatically rewards you by allowing you earn from your daily actions.
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6. No risk

For users, like you, Weeiam is free for life, it will never sell your data, it will never show advertisements, it do not need credit card or even any of your time because it works in the background, keeping your privacy safe.
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Privacy and

Encrypted system based on blockchain

Privacy is an inalienable human right. For this reason, all your data will remain in your hands and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason. The transactions will be transparent and secured by our blockchain-based register. The encrypted system will make it impossible for both companies and Weeiam to access your data.

Sometimes impossible
dreams come true!

Only name and mail required.

The app will be available soon.