and earn

Business Referral

Be among the first to spread Love in business thanks to Weeiam it could make you money more money than you spend every year to buy the badge.

Friends Page

You earn 1% of the Weeiam daily earnings, of each customer who signs up with Weeiam thanks to your invitation.

Each customer who registers thanks to your invitation can freely choose to share up to 100% of their Weeiam daily income with you. If your customers like you, they might go crazy!

You earn a one-off 1% of the value of the badge that Businesses will buy thanks to you.

Earn Money by LOVING Your Customers

Weeiam Business List

Climb the Weeiam Business List and be among the first in the world in your sector.

Referral Kit

Weeiam after registering, will send you a Referral Kit that you can use in any digital and physical space like your social profile, website, blog and products.


Whenever your followers, customers or companies click the link and register with Weeiam thanks to your invitation, they will appear in your friends page.

QR Code

Every time your followers, customers or companies scan the QR Code and register with Weeiam thanks to your invitation, they will appear in your friends page.


Whenever your followers, customers or companies enter your code on Weeiam’s registration page, they will appear in your friends page.

Don’t ignore those who support you every day!


Weeiam Referral is NOT a pyramid system.

  • the 1% you earn from each invited customer will be deducted from Weeiam’s commission and not from customers.
  • Customers you invite to register with Weeiam have the freedom to share any % of their Weeiam earnings with you.
  • the 1% you earn one-off from all new Businesses that register with Weeiam, will be deducted from Weeiam’s commission and not from users.

We know the referral program can be very attractive economically, but we don’t want it to be the only reason businesses sign up with Weeiam.
We only want Business that:
– LOVE their customers and followers
– BELIEVE their business would not exist without their customers
– WANT to have a positive impact on the world

Weeiam’s referral business is unique because unlike any other referral program, you are “thanking your followers, fans, and customers for existing!”

You are not simply offering them a product, but you are touching their heart and placing them at the center of the Universe.

When you invite a Business to register with Weeiam, you give them the opportunity to increase value and earn money.

Yes. The beauty of Weeiam’s referral program is that your earnings are daily:

  • 1% of the daily earnings of each registered user on Weeiam thanks to your invitation
  • your customers can share with you, a % of their daily Weeiam earnings for the rest of their life. They are in total control and can change it at any time. For this reason, the businesses that will spread Weeiam first could be very popular.
  • While from Businesses who sign up to Weeiam thanks to your invitation, you will earn a one-off 1 % of the value of the sticker they will purchase.

Earnings from each customer who signs up with Weeiam thanks to your invitation:

  • 1% of his Weeiam daily earnings,
  • you can earn a%, at his choice, which goes up to 100% of his daily Weeiam earnings. If your customers, fans, followers love you they could go crazy.

For this reason, each year you could earn more money from the referral program than you spend from buying the Weeiam badge.

Businesses that register in Weeiam thanks to you will earn you 1% of the value of the badge they buy from Weeiam.
This money will be deducted from the Weeiam commission, and will not be withdrawn from users.

The money you earn from the referral program is credited to your WeeiamPay account daily.

Once you reach the $ 50 figure, you have two options:

  • request a transfer to your bank account
  • use it in the WeeiamPay free payment system which allows you to earn a commission from every incoming and outgoing transaction

Weeiam’s referral is a priority for every business.

Invite as many customers, followers and fans as possible every day to download Weeiam without feeling arrogant.

You can paste the QR Code on your products and invite your customers to register with Weeiam.

The friends page will keep track of all customers, followers, fans, businesses and public figures who have signed up to Weeiam thanks to you.

Sure. You can start inviting your customers, followers, fans and climb the Business List without paying anything.

Weeiam will notify you 2 weeks before it starts selling the badges to Businesses.

From that date, the Businesses that do not pay for the badges will lose their position on the Business list and will lose all users and Businesses who have registered with Weeiam thanks to their invitation.

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