There is a story that the world has always hidden from us.

It is the story of its development where each of us is the protagonist. The protagonist is not necessarily a successful figure present to the general public. It is not only the great visionary, entrepreneur, artist, philosopher or other, but the common person, small as they may see themselves, is too a protagonist. The protagonist of world history, the past, the present and the future of the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your bank account says or how influential you are.

Each individual has an impact on the world that they do not even realise because they have always been told that they did not count, that they had no power and no influence. This has always been believed without question. But all of this is a lie and has contributed to the malaise and the difficulties people experience today. This is not another motivational speech, this is information that you need to be aware of. Like it or not this is the truth. The current economic model has hidden this from us and has purposefully not integrated it into the system.

Over the years, this has created economic inequalities that have damaged the lives of billions of people from all walks of life. Money is not the answer to all of our problems, but it is to many of them. If we examine what causes the ailments of individuals, it is clear that money plays a critical role. We know too that the lack of money is not only caused by some poor choices along the way, but rather by difficult situations from which it is very difficult to escape.

People destabilized by a lack of money become more vulnerable and less free to make decisions in life, leading them further down the same path, and aggravating the conditions. These circumstances not only lead to, sometimes frivolous, material problems but more than that, it gravely impacts mental health and the human psyche. There’s no question that the problem we see is not solely a result of an individual’s inability to generate income, but a result of the unjust, inefficient, and insufficient distribution of profits.

It is more than a lack of money that plagues us as individuals and a global community, it is also the clear lack of recognition, respect and merit given to us, the average person, the customer, who is supposed to be “King”. Often veiled by clever marketing and virtue signalling, this failure to see and respect the role we play in their success, whether purposeful or not, is evident in the inadequate distribution of profits of companies and public figures.

Though the elite has always ignored this problem, they will soon no longer be able to do so as the risk will be too great for them too. The efforts put into justifying their old ways will instead have to be funnelled into our inclusion. To ensure the human right to live and express oneself in all of our diversity, the future must work toward deconstructing the alienating walls and hierarchy that have been built and renovated with transparency and mutual respect for the value we all bring to the table.

In today’s world where everything changes at the speed of light, where the certainties of today and tomorrow no longer exist, we must unite and do so on an economic level.
Working together to address the enormous economic inequalities we see growing daily is crucial to ensuring the stability of the global economy.