Have you ever thought that the world is hiding a story from us? A story in which you are the protagonist, along with every other individual who populates the planet. You don’t have to be a successful or influential character to be part of this story, because you are important regardless of where you come from or your bank account.

We have been deceived and always been told that we don’t count for much, it is the powerful people who hold the real power. But it’s all false, and this has caused economic inequalities that have damaged the lives of billions of people. Money is not the answer to all our problems, but it plays a fundamental role in the individual’s well-being. Its absence generates problems that go beyond material things, affects the psyche and can cause irreparable damage.

The lack of recognition and merit of the individual, along with the unequal distribution of profit, are the real causes of economic inequalities. In a world that is changing at an impressive speed, we must unite to reduce these inequalities and ensure global stability. The elite can no longer ignore this problem because it directly threatens them.

Union and the fall of any walls are the future, and the reduction of economic inequalities is essential to allow each individual to express themselves to the best of their abilities. We cannot afford to support the opposite, because this would cause irreparable damage to the global community. It is time to act, to make a difference and to become protagonists of the world history.