Or rather it is much more than a simple product or application. It is different!
Different for the simple reason that you have nothing to lose.

You will never have to pay money, you will never have to see advertisements, it will never sell your data, it does not require your credit card upon registration and, very importantly, it does not steal your time. You will not have to stay within a closed ecosystem, a platform or a social network, because Weeiam works in the background.

You will be free to live your life online and offline with the simple difference that once you download Weeiam, you will be able to earn from your every action online and offline.
The data will be yours and Weeiam will never be the company that knows you better than you know yourself. We have no economic or moral interest in collecting your data for the sole purpose of getting to know you better.

You may have wondered: why don’t you create an NGO to pursue your goals?

Simple, some NGOs have been trying to reduce economic inequalities in the world for decades, but none have really succeeded, and not out of inability.
The reason is quickly explained: in a world where “cash is the king” values ​​are not enough. You have to create a system based on values ​​and interests (cash-love), a new connection between cash-love, where greed finds no space if not connected to love. A system that links profit to respect for one’s community, and interest in the social good.

This is Weeiam’s world. If you want to make a profit, you have to be respectful of your community that allows you to make that profit, and if you try to ignore it, you no longer deserve their respect, trust and money. This fluid view is tied to the history of the world. We are all connected, whether we like it or not. Each of our actions has an impact on the world that we do not even imagine.

Our every action has an impact outside of us that escapes our sight. Each of our actions builds, destroys or influence everything that surrounds us, people, products, companies, the environment. Weeiam is your eyewear, which helps you understand your true potential and understand that there is only one protagonist in this world: You!