With an estimated revenue of approximately $29 billion and 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the most used platforms in the world.
Considering the period in which we live where the socio-economic model is put to the test, a company like YouTube must not only continue to improve its platform and limit itself to increasing its numbers in terms of turnover and active users, but it should in our opinion actively contribute to solve some of the problems that afflict its community.

Among these there is certainly the economic difficulty in which most of its users pour. If YouTube entered into a partnership with Weeiam, it could share even a small percentage of turnover and distribute it to its community in a very effective way and help fight one of the problems that most afflicts global society. For YouTube, this move could have an impact not only on a socio-economic level, but also on a marketing level it would help to increase the esteem that its community has towards it.

The first version of the Weeiam app which will be launched in June 2023 will already allow users to automatically earn the WeeWolf crypto by using YouTube and watching videos.
All this will be possible thanks to Weeiam’s Artificial Intelligence system that monitors user activities, combined with an encrypted system to protect user privacy, and a blockchain-based transaction register to ensure maximum transparency.

Maximum profit for YouTube users will only happen if YouTube decides to enhance its community and decides to distribute a part of its turnover with those who daily feed its success, its users. Only then could user profits grow significantly.

Using Weeiam’s API, YouTube will be able to better distribute its revenue based on the interactions that its users will have with the platform and, last but not least, will increase the loyalty of its customers who will be happy to spend hours and hours watching videos, with the understanding that they are also earning and increasing their daily income.

What we have said is not limited only to YouTube, but to any company that decides to join the new “Live & Earn” economic model conceived by Weeiam and finally decides to put its users, customers first, helping to create a world more sustainable for all.