Earn by dancing

You are a nightclub and you want your customers to earn
while they frequent your club?

Weeiam is the app for you!

Soon available:

Here are the advantages for your club:

Increase revenue

Acquire new customers

Engage customers

Increase your value

How does it work?

1. Get a personalized billboard

Weeiam will give you a billboard to put in full view at the entrance to the club, which invites your customers to download the app by scanning your personalized QR code.

2. Earn from each guest

Every time your customer downloads the app thanks to your personalized QR-code, you will earn 10 WeeWolf, which you can later convert into your current currency.

3. Your customers earn
staying within your club

Once your customers have downloaded the app, they will automatically earn WeeWolf cryptocurrency by staying inside your disco. The more time they spend inside the club, the higher their earnings will be.

4. In partner with
the best companies

Your customers will be able to use the WeeWolf they have earned, in our online store where they will be able to receive discounts and coupons from over 3500 partner companies.


– Increase turnover
– Acquire new customers
– Retain your customers
– Increase the value of your nightclub in the eyes of your customers
– Earn from every customer who downloads Weeiam thanks to your QR code
– Increase the value of your customers

– They will come to dance with an extra incentive
– They increase their daily income
– They earn not only by dancing, but by thousands of other actions. Click here to find out more
– Weeiam values ​​people, their time and their actions like no other company in the world

Plus Weeiam for your customers:

– It’s free
– does not require a credit card
– doesn’t show them ads
– does not sell their data
– works in the background automatically, without stealing your time

Once they have downloaded it thanks to your QR code they will have to:

– register name and email
– close the app and have fun in your venue
– the app will automatically count the time the customer stays inside the venue
– based on the time spent they will earn a proportional amount of the WeeWolf cryptocurrency

WeeWolf’s counter value is based in two ways:
Affiliate Partners
Weeiam earns commissions from the sale of products within the app, from more than 3500 partners.
Gold Partners
Weeiam earns from companies and VIPs who, by deciding to value their customers/followers, sharing a part of the turnover with them.

From both cases, most of the revenue will go as WeeWolf’s counter value, while a small percentage will be the fee that will keep Weeiam.

Within the app, clubs will have two main pages:

– WeePay: here will be your digital wallet where all the WeeWolf you have earned from your customers will be credited
– Referrals: here is the list of all the people who joined Weeiam thanks to your QR code.