Spread Love

Has no contraindications.

Give and
gain value

Spreading the love in business and making the world a fairer place for everyone puts you on another level. Weeiam puts the individual at the center of the Universe, like no other company in the world. You are putting your followers, fans, customers first.


If your partnership request is accepted by the Weeiam team, you will have an advantage that all other companies and public figures will not have. You will be exempted for life from sharing your revenue with customers / followers. Plus you can earn from the referral program every day forever.

Free for life

Lifetime earnings from the referral

Prestigious position in the Love Race

Win the
love race

Climbing the Business List should be the priority of every business. Customers, followers, fans could support more companies and public figures who truly love them.

How does the partnership work?


Send the partnership request to Weeiam. If accepted, you will be able to access the Weeiam partnership program.


Post about Weeiam on social media and include your unique invite link. You are free to create your content in line with Weeiam's values.


Earn from every user who registers on Weeiam thanks to you. Earnings could be daily and could last for your entire career.

How to talk about Weeiam?

What is Weeiam?

Weeiam is a free app that make you earn money by living your life without asking for anything in return.

How does it works?

Every time people meet Weeiam badges online and offline, they earn money. Weeiam rewards them on a daily basis with money.

What users do with their money?

They are free to spend them anywhere. There are no constraints.

Just Start!

Contact us to request a partnership.


Simply because Weeiam puts the individual at the center of the Universe, and holds him responsible for global success.

The financial compensation from a partnership with Weeiam comes from the referral program.
Unlike other referral programs, the amounts could be very high and far exceed the cost of your badge. You earn:

  • you earn 1% of the Weeiam daily earnings of each invited user
  • your customers/followers can share up to 100% of their daily Weeiam earnings with you for the rest of their life. They are in total control and can change it at any time.
  • you earn 1% of the value of the badge that businesses buy thanks to you.

Weeiam’s ultimate goal is the well-being of each individual. We have some global issues at heart, and are working to resolve them. Businesses that register in Weeiam will be socially responsible and profitable at the same time.
Look at our values

Unlike other companies, Weeiam brings you a value that other partnerships can hardly give you.

The categories that are in close contact with influential people, important companies or have many followers, have a great chance to increase their turnover and increase their value.
Not taking advantage of this opportunity could be strategically disadvantageous.

– Sign in
– Share Weeiam through your referral program
– Climb the Love Race

At this stage you will not have to pay anything, and you can simply unsubscribe when you want, without having to pay anything.

If you want to put Weeiam’s referral link in your social profile, along with other links, you can use the solution of Linktree.

Of course. You earn money in your favorite currency (€, $, ¥…).