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are responsible for your success!


Weeiam believes that

Wouldn’t exist without its customers.

Their daily actions fuel your success and for this reason it is time for them to earn a portion of your turnover.


Weeiam, thanks to a meritocratic algorithm, will economically reward the clients who support your business the most. Those who buy your products or services, who visit your social networks, your sites and ecommerce, who look at your advertisements or videos, who visit your physical stores, who participate in your events, the employees who work for you.


Weeiam’s Business money sharing is based on Blockchain. Therefore companies and public figures can at any time see how their money has been distributed, without Weeiam having the possibility to modify the data.

and earn

Start now inviting customers, companies and public figures to register on Weeiam could earn you more money than you spend on buying the badge.

The Business LOVE Competition has begun!

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Signing up for Weeiam now is strategically smart, in terms of money and brand value.

“Not having a Weeiam badge is like telling your customers that you can live without them"

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