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Free for life

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No risk, only benefits

What does free for life mean?

It means that you will never have to share a percentage of the turnover with your customers. You will receive a special badge that is worth more than any other Weeiam badge.

Only one condition

You must have registered at least 3% of your customer / follower pool within 1 year of registration. This percentage will be measured taking into account your most popular social profile. Example:


1 M


2 M


600 k


In this case Reddit is the social network with more Redditors (2M followers) and it will be the one on which we will base the calculation of 3%. In this case, the subscribers that the business must register with Weeiam within 1 year in order to access the free lifetime registration is 60,000 users.

There are still:


Free Lifetime Registrations!