We strongly believe in the single individual, who shapes everything around them with their actions.

Love in Business

Each person is much more important than they believe. We believe in a system where everyone has the ability and the possibility to improve their own life and at the same time that of others. We dream of a more united world, where the best is yet to come. A world where the power of love prevails, rather than power as an end in itself. We love each person not necessarily for who they are, but for what they could become. We believe in you much more than you believe in yourself. 

A Solution
to Some Global Problems

We are an interconnected society where the wellbeing of each individual is linked to that of others

Socio-economic Gap

Economic and social inequalities in the world are the cause of various problems that afflict populations and the environment in which they live.

A fairer world will benefit society as a whole, from rich to poor, from companies to employees.

Weeiam, thanks to its algorithm, will allow to reduce the socio-economic gap in an innovative way that currently has no comparison, while maintaining meritocracy as a fundamental principle in society.

Climate Change

Fighting climate change is one of our main objectives.

Weeiam’s algorithm has the ability to positively affect individuals, encouraging them to take actions for the good of the environment.

In this way Weeiam can significantly accelerate the transition to a greener society.


Weeiam strongly believes that education is the foundation of a healthy and prosperous society.

Weeiam’s algorithm incentivizes individuals to improve their education in an innovative way.

Encouraging individuals to educate themselves is key to having a better, more connected world.

Improve People's Health

The health of the individual is fundamental for collective well-being.

By encouraging the individuals to take care of themselves, we will improve the whole society in several aspects.

At a later time, each Business will be able to freely choose whether to donate part of the money spent to purchase the badge to fight some or all of the global problems that Weeiam has at heart:

– Socio-economic gap
– Climate Change
– Education
– Health

The money will be distributed meritocratically to customers who will act more to combat the problems that the businesses themselves have at heart.

We believe that everyone’s contribution is fundamental, and for this reason we will financially incentivize customers who will take actions aimed at solving the problems that Businesses have at heart.

(More information will be given shortly.
In this first phase, the only thing a business needs to pay attention to is the Weeiam Business List!)

Weeiam gives people the power to act and the awareness of being part of something big!