People have value

Weeiam values people, their actions and their time like no other company in the world.

The current economic system doesn't value people correctly

The current economy is based on an untrue story. Or rather, the various protagonists do not enjoy the right reward. The world and the economy are built by the actions of individuals. The problem is that most of them are not fairly rewarded for the value they bring to society. This problem harms the lives of individuals and global stability in various ways. We need a new economic model that links corporate profits to the well-being of their community (customers, employees, shareholders).

What are we doing?

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Lack of economic liquidity for 99% of the global population is the root of many ills plaguing society. It is not a problem that belongs only to third world countries, but also to more industrialized countries.
To combat this problem, we need to restore value to individuals by enabling companies to share a portion of the profits with customers and employees, thus creating a more fluid and resilient economic system.


Empowering People

Empowering People

Empowering people means giving them the freedom to choose and the tools to make better decisions. It means increasing the power of individuals by distributing the generated value of society more correctly. It means using individuals’ data to improve their lives and not selling it to third parties. It means giving them the power to control their life and not be controlled.


Valuing People


We are different from other companies. We have chosen to extract value from the world and give it back to our users without asking for anything in return. The opposite usually happens. Companies earn money extracting it from customers or selling their data if they have a free product. We know we are different and we like it that way. When we say we will never ask our users for money, never, ever sell their data, never show advertisements, and never steal your time is the simplest explanation to support our goal of increasing your power. When the heart is connected to the brain these ideas can be born and shape a better world.


Privacy and
Transparency First

Privacy and

Privacy is an inalienable human right. For this reason, all your data will remain in your hands and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason. The transactions will be transparent and secured by our blockchain-based register. The encrypted system will make it impossible for both companies and Weeiam to access your data.

Weeiam is partly yours

Weeiam is
partly yours

Weeiam will be the first company in the world to share a significant portion of its revenue with users like you. This is because from day one, we have aimed to create a company that fully reflects its values. A company that, through its product, simply tells the story of the world and the future of humanity. The only way to achieve this was to maximize the potential of each individual, as, ultimately, Weeiam’s values may be liked or not, but they represent the truth. Each individual is worth much more than they believe, and every single action has a global impact.

“We are an interconnected society where the wellbeing of each individual is linked to that of others”

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