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Associating your business with Weeiam means believing that your customers are responsible for your success and more. Each individual has helped your business grow with their actions and there is no better way to thank them than with Weeiam.
Weeiam’s value lies in the sum of the choices of each human being.
By sharing our ideals you will position your business on another level.

Be Visible

Businesses registered with Weeiam will clearly distinguish themselves from unregistered ones.
Each customer will more easily purchase a product or service from a Weeiam Business. They will gladly visit a social profile of an influencer or public figure who is thanking him for existing.
Digital platforms will have greater loyalty if their users earn WeeWolf using them.

Weeiam Business List

The “Weeiam Business List” helps you to act now. The earlier you sign up with Weeiam, the more chances you have to invite large numbers of people to download Weeiam, earn more WeeWolf and rank higher than your competitors.
This ranking could continually influence your business and it is for this reason that it would be good not to underestimate it.

Make Money

Weeiam may make you more WeeWolf than you spend on the Weeiam badge. Each year you may have steady income that will make a difference in your revenue.
With Weeiam you have the opportunity to earn by loving your customers. If you decide to wait to register, other businesses will take advantage of your opportunities.

No marketing strategy will be enough if you don't LOVE your customers!

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